Transforming Health Providers

Implement a new healthcare delivery model that yields better clinical outcomes, lower costs and a better patient experience while engaging wider care community as an active partner in achieving remarkable results.

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SaaS Gives Health Plans Data & Image
Driven Insights to Increase Patient Engagement
and Collaboration Across Wider Care Community
Across Care Continuum.

Provide data aggregation and medical image consolidation in an “anywhere, anytime, any vendor” for a longitudinal health record.

Enhance collaboration between referring & consult physicians to increase engagement with referral workflows and AI-driven insights/actions.

Provide secure access to the single best patient record, aggregated from contributions from multiple information sources inside and outside the hospital.

Empower patients with their own health information, and improve the delivery of care resulting in better engagement.

Help Payor-Provider collaboration by supporting population health activities and performing cluster analysis to predict disease progression and or adverse events.