What do we see?
    • The devastating impact of COVID exposed the fragility of these organizations as they were cut off from their stakeholders.
    • To change the course and be competitive, we have recently seen significant investments in digital technologies across these organizations. A few organizations have been able to change the way they worked and partnered/collaborated across their ecosys- tem. However, these collaborative technologies only delivered partial business value that too in a siloed approach.
    • The technologies were neither fully built for new and dynamic business models nor to promote a full collaborative ecosystem to generate the best possible financial, clinical, behavioral, socio and economic outcomes for these organizations.
What is happening?
    • A new era is dawning with growing investments in digital twin technologies giving rise to a new generation of business and intelligence. NLP, low code platforms and RPS are democratizing technology, putting powerful capabilities into the hands of people across organizations.
    • ConnectionHealth is at the forefront of the move toward the use of "smart" data, namely artificial intelligence and machine learning, to use real-time data that connects ecosystem partners and technology, creating an edge for organizations within the new era of industry competition.
    • ConnectionHealth gives rise to a new generation of business and intelligence to reimagine partnerships via vertical integration. The Company's unique SaaS helps Health Plans, Health Providers, and Health & Human Service Agencies through multifaceted strategies that address all value levers to stay in the game and, most importantly, be competitive.

Current Disruption Forces Payor, Provider and Health & Human Service Organizations to Reimagine their Business – Vertically Integrated Cloud/AI Driven Ecosystem Business Models.