With our platform customers can quickly transform to extended digital business models and plugin, transact, collect, share data, and collaborate with their ecosystem partners in a seamless, secure, reliable, private, and compliant manner driving operational efficiency, reducing costs, increasing stakeholder satisfaction, and improving overall business performance.

Advantages of Our AI Platform

We offer our artificial intelligence platform ‘Vieda’ modules to health plans, health systems, human service agencies, and life sciences companies to automate, virtualize, artificial intelligence service models at an enterprise level.

Health Plans

Deploy artificial intelligence service models to segment members and provide segment-based offerings while curating a high-performance network to provide consumer-centric care delivery.

Member Segmentation

Network Intelligence

Payment Integrity


Healthcare Providers

Deploy artificial intelligence service models to consolidate clinical expertise into integrated practice units and coordinate care across a wider care community.

Result Delivery

   Revenue Integrity

    Population Health

Health & Human Services

Deploy artificial intelligence service models to smartly segment cases and assign them to caseworkers and coordinate across the supply chain delivery ecosystem.

Case Segmentation

Payment Integrity

Network Intelligence

Life Sciences

Deploy artificial intelligence service models to design patient-centric research with rich data integration, protocol automation, HIPAA compliant messaging.

Clinical Trails

Real-World Evidence

Elevating the Customer Experience

Enable a more consolidated, coordinated, personalized, AI-enabled experience: The vertically integrated AI capabilities will enable deeper cluster analysis or predicting and preventing with timely, simpler, and smarter interactions as each organization gains access to timely data and actionable information.

Simplify: Improve the current customer experience by making interactions in a complex ecosystem less exhausting and frustrating.

New Business & Revenue Models

New Ways of Partnering & Collaborating: Enable new source of revenue with new product lines or services and finding new markets while achieving life changing outcomes to consumers/patients/citizens with effective solutions.