Life Sciences

The life sciences industry has sustained past meltdowns but how is it performing in today’s volatile marketplace? one characterized by rising cost of health care, rise of consumerism and engagement, generic entrants, increased demand for innovation, greater scrutiny on drug value, and an ever-changing regulatory and risk environment. The new reality is that unless they act to adjust to the new climate, they would be pressured to sell their proprietary drugs at low profits because the market would no longer bear the premium price. As the attention is turned more to outcomes-focused climate and the patents would matter less and products would be priced according to the evidence they could generate about value, changing how products are valued effectively, correcting market inefficiencies and would set in motion a fundamental change in the structure of the industry. The implications were enormous for how companies would compete and which ones would prevail. With our focus on real-world evidence generation, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve success by leveraging this evidence in ways that directly impact clinical outcomes research, drug safety and performance. We do this by combining data, technology, people and process to make a difference in how care is delivered. We create value for our clients as they seek to navigate a volatile marketplace.