Health Systems & IDNs

Healthcare delivery organizations have a need to expand population health management strategies. As part of that strategy, transformation to value based care is very critical. The challenge of population health management is that it requires the risk stratification and coordination of a diverse group of clinicians, pharmacies and other entities often working with incomplete patient information and inefficient manual workflows to coordinate interventions.  We help health delivery organizations optimize population health for large patient populations across all risk segments. We bring four key capabilities to deliver effective population health management—healthcare risk analytics, patient outreach, care coordination and patient engagement.  With our solutions, you can improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of populations and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.  Our population health solutions enable your teams to deliver the appropriate care to patients through effective coordination and patient engagement, improving outcomes and financial results.

  • Analytics technologies with risk stratification and predictive modeling to classify patients by health risk to deliver cost-effective interventions and predict and prevent readmissions
  • Expanded, integrated, and lower cost channels for effectively reaching, engaging and coordinating care for patients and increase their satisfaction
  • Shifting from one-size-fits all approach to targeting / rules / interventions / support models approach
  • Greater emphasis on rules driven workflow focused on pre-qualified care gaps with clear financial goals
  • Value reporting that extends beyond analyzing medical costs to include clinical safety and quality