Health Plans

Health Plans are in need to develop multi-faceted strategies that address all value levers to stay in the game and be competitive. Population Health Management Strategies can have a major impact on multiple value levers, most importantly on Enhancing Revenue and Reducing Care Related Costs. The need for the plans is to proactively identify risks and effectively work to close care gaps that exist with targeted interventions. Plans are seeking to address the cost curve with innovative approaches to managing the health of a population .We provide complete population health solutions as a service with:

  • Risk Analytics technologies and information sets to proactively identify and target at risk / high need consumer segments and individual consumers in multiple dimension on an ongoing basis
  • Expanded, integrated, and lower cost channels for effectively reaching, engaging and monitoring consumers and increase their satisfaction
  • Shifting from one-size-fits all approach to targeting / rules / interventions / support models approach
  • Greater emphasis on rules driven workflow focused on pre-qualified care gaps with clear financial goals
  • Value reporting that extends beyond analyzing medical costs to include other health related impacts, such as employee productivity
  • More refined, integrated, and clear value story – reporting that clearly describes value delivered and avoids problems normally associated with normal reporting